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follow url CHEMICAL PHARMA CONSOCIATION is one of its kind portal which help to bridge Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industrial Community to interact and stay connected, updated through knowledge sharing and Industrial Events. The CHEMICAL PHARMA CONSOCIATION helps to bring together the Pharmaceutical and Chemical industrial community on a common turf in order to build upon a strong connect through progressive interaction. This portal has a unique feature where a member can register, chat in real time and discuss product details and new launches etc.,. The CHEMICAL PHARMA CONSOCIATION connect of interacting is also an avenue for B2B merchandise opportunities and  for the benefit of manufacturers and vast majority of consumers as well.

see The congenial connect amongst the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industrial Community will also heighten the Community Networking by leaps and bounds. The CHEMICAL PHARMA CONSOCIATION is privileged to launch this portal to instil a pro-active connect opportunity amongst the community and share their product launches for awareness and merchandise opportunities.

The “What’s On Page” is a dedicated page which is an Advertorial Page where Companies can showcase and advertise their products with a write up along with pictures in detail. However, the” Now Tending” page gives Companies the opportunity to a Feature Advertisement of their products in brief. This is with a view to pave the way for B2B and merchandise opportunities through product awareness in market place.